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Monday, August 29, 2011

Seminar and Ribbons


Congrats to Penny Boswinkle who won a second place ribbon for 'Heart Strings'.  And, to Arlene who takes such great photos during seminar and won an honorable mention for her version of 'Queen Anne's Lace'.  I'll have to look some more to see if I missed anyone.  It's exciting to see stitchers winning ribbons with my designs.

I also checked on the two pieces I'm teaching next year at seminar.  'Atlantis Rising' is upside down.  I asked a friend if she could get them to turn it around.  And, 'Illusion' was taken at an angle and looks really wide.  It's square.

I miss not going to seminar,but I'm glad I staid home.  I have too much work to catch up on.
Take care, Ro

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