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Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday and Laundry

What a creature of habit I have become.  It's Monday and I have to do the laundry.  I could do it any time I want as there's just my husband and myself. 

Happy Dance time.....I finished the instructions for Atlantis Rising.  Now it's going out to my ghost pilot stitchers for corrections.  I'd like to start on the instructions for Illusions, but I have to get my lessons ready for the ANG Cyber class, Harmony.  The class doesn't start until March, but with registrations starting in November and the holidays coming in between I need to get a handle on those lessons.
And, we are off to California this weekend for our granddaughter, Nicole's wedding.

Hope all are well and having fun stitching.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Time and the Russians

Hi everyone,
I've been working on charts for Atlantis Rising and on a new(unnamed as yet) design, along with finishing designing Legacy and Aloha.  I need to get the last two stitched if I want to submit them in January for seminar 2013.  That means I don't have time right now to learn how to put photos up on the blog.  I will learn in time.

I just got an email from Tatyana, my Russian friend.  She gave me two sites to show what the Russians are doing with needlework.


No matter what side of the world we are on, when it comes to needlework, we all love to sit and stitch, chat and enjoy each others accomplishments. 

Back to work for me.  Take care, Ro


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