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Saturday, September 10, 2011

To Russia with Love

Tatyana is a stitcher who lives in Russia.  She found my website and led her friend Olga to me.  I am becoming friends of the Russians. 

Here is one of their blogs.  http://lolenya.gallery.ru/watch?ph=S9K-dkh1B  Gorgeous work and her camera work is enviable.  I wish I could speak Russian so I could understand everything on her blog.

It doesn't matter where you live on the world, stitching is stitching.

Best, Ro


  1. Do you know about Google Translate, Ro? Go to the site, enter the languages you are translating to and from, then enter the URL of the page you want translated and push Enter and it'll do a pretty decent job. Not perfect but pretty durn good.


  2. Hello, Ro!
    It's Tatyana.
    Welcome to our common blog http://needlepoint-club.blogspot.com/
    I also add translation gadget, you can use it. Of course google translation can be incorrect and sometimes very funny, but you can understand the main idea.



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